Technical Specifications: INTACT PURE+

Model UF-IT-6000L+
UF Membrance Material Polyvinylidne Fluoride (PVDF) 
96 Holes
40 years warranty on body warranty
4 years warranty on membrance element
1 year warranty on poly pipe + Buteline
Flow Rate 6000-7000L/HR
Microorganism Virus 0.02-0.35 micron
Chemical 0.02-0.09 micron
Organic Matters 0.3-3 micron
Decay Matters 0.22-4 micron
Bacteria 10-100 micron
Rust 10-100 micron
Sediment 200-100 micron
*Recommed Hollow Fibre Membrane replacement: 5-6 years

How To Wash

*Recommended to perform backwash every 7-10 days interval.

Every 7 - 10 Days

 Step 1   Open Valve A = Flashing
 Step 2   Close Valve A = Complete

Every 2 - 3 Months

 Step 1   Open Valve A = Flashing
 Step 2   Open Valve C  and Close Valve B together = Backwash
 Step 3   Open Valve C and Valve B = Back To Normal
 Step 4   Close Valve A = Complete

Plus Technology                                                                

During the filtration, the liquid will enter from the inside of the hollow fibres, the micromolecule will permeate through the membrane and arrive at the outside of the hollow fibre to
become ultrafiltrate when the micromolecule materials such
as colloid and bacteria will be held inside hollow fibres and
become concentrate.

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