Technical Specifications

Model Name WI-IT-5S
Electrode Material Platinum Plated Titanium
No. of Electrode 5 Plates
Cleaning Method Reverse polarity after working
Phase Alkaline-5 phase, Purified, Acidic-2 phase
No. of Filter 1 Filter
Longevity > 6 Months (3,600 Litre)
Filter Replacement Back Side
Filter Material Activated Carbon, Anion Ceramix, Felt etc, 9 Phase
Voltage 230V/50Hz
Power Consumption 120 VA, Tranformer
Temperature of Source Water 5~30°c
Available Water Pressure 0.7~5kgf/cm2
Protection System Fuse 3A, bimetal, built-in temperature sensor
Dimension 385mm (H) x 284mm (W) x 134mm (D)
Weight About 7kg
Operation Touch Switch
Display LCD Display
Best Electrolysis Cell   Best Electrolysis Cell
  Platinum Plated Titanium
  Automative Reverse Polarity Cleaning
Beautiful LCD Display   Beautiful LCD Display
  Various color backlight touch switch
  Easy icon, ORP display
Special Function   Special Function
  5 language voice
  7 level water selection
Convenient Filter Replacement   Convenient Filter Replacement
  Easy Replacement
  NSF certified material
  3,000 liter Life Span
3,600 Liter Purification Capacity   3,600 Liter Purification Capacity
  KFDA, KCL Test certified (6 months)
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Intact Water

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