6 Stages Water Filtration Process

*Recommend 6 layers POE filter replacement: 2-3 years.
1 year warranty on poly pipe + multivalve


High performance Almandine for coloring absorption.

Activated Carbon

Remove iron, manganese and partial chlorine in the water.

Zeolite (Australia)

It is a naturally occuring mineral rock, formed when mineral-rich underground water deposits crystalize. Its porous crystaline structure provides advanced filtration properties and possesses a unique capacity to absorb ammonia and various ionic species (metal ions, calcium, magnesium etc).

Fine Gravel (Silica)

Remove dirts and prevent disease such as Typhoid, Chlolera, Bihdryia & Amoeba.

Fine Sand (Silica)

Further trapping of very fine sediment at the surface of fine silica sand.

Coarse Gravel (Silica)

Underbed support, to balance the pH and increase oxygen content and restoration of water quality.

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